About Miss Conduct Charters

Miss Conduct is a 30' Custom Dive Vessel departing 1 to 2 times daily from Pompano Beach,  Florida.
We take a maximum of six scuba divers and a minimum of two-to-three divers (*see pricing for explanation), to all of the popular wrecks and reefs from Boca Raton to Ft. Lauderdale.

In fact, since we leave out of Hillsboro Inlet, we can head either North or South to some of the best wreck diving and reef diving in South Florida. We know some less visited spots too, which are great for catching some Florida spiny lobsters or spearfishing!

We usually depart daily at 8:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m and there is no fixed destination. Scuba divers should arrive at the dock at least 15 minutes prior to departure so you can unload your gear at the dock & have your car parked & ready to go. You will park in the front lot closest to 14th St Causeway. As with all parking in Pompano Beach, it is paid parking. We suggest you use the PASSPORT app, the code for Alsdorf Park is "9540000000" or PayByPhone code "101050" or you can pay with cash or credit card.

Divers decide where we will go each day, based on their interests and experience levels. That means if you and your dive buddy want to dive a shipwreck, you can do that, or you can just drift dive on one of the many reef sites. If you want to dive a shallow wreck, we can put you on several from about 70 feet or so. If you like deeper shipwrecks, we've got a bunch to choose from in the 110 to 130 foot range. You will find Miss Conduct dive charter both less formal and more fun than the larger dive boats.

  On board the Miss Conduct, there's a boarding ladder, but no head, no shower ... lets face it, you have all the fancy stuff like air conditioning and running water at home. We figure you are here to DIVE, and Miss Conduct is a charter boat, so we go where you want to go. We do keep cold water aboard and limited snacks-just incase.

If lobster hunting is your thing, we will drop you where lobsters are thickest, based on local conditions
(yep, we do have inside information). Spearfishing is pretty popular with our regular divers too...

The whole trip is more like going diving in your friend's boat....well, maybe not.  You won't spend an hour going in circles above what you think is the reef but is actually a 3 foot rock in the middle of nowhere.  You will drift the reef, conserving your air and letting the gentle South Florida current carry you along the reef line.   When you come up, wherever you wind up, the Miss Conduct picks you up.   Diving is a relaxing sport, and we keep it that way aboard the Miss Conduct. Come aboard and see for yourself this weekend.

Captain Conrad Nix & Captain Jeanna

Our Mission

  To toss you into adventure every week. Giant stride, back roll, or belly flopper...it's up to you. For a while you won't be thinking about your mortgage, your diet, or your list of stuff to do... and when you surface, you'll be looking at the beach from the other direction.

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From Jupiter Inlet to South Miami Beach, there's no better scuba diving than right here in Broward County, leaving out of Hillsboro Inlet (next to Lighthouse Point/Pompano Beach). If you are looking to dive the wrecks and reefs of South Florida, Miss Conduct Charters can really show you some amazing sights. If you have never dived South Florida, and maybe you think the only good scuba diving is in the Florida Keys, give us a few hours, and you'll change your mind!

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