Dive Sites

LOTS of great places to DIVE...

  And here are just a few of our favorites (this list is by no means complete, and doesn't include any of my SECRET spots!) Since our divers select our destination each time, here are a few tempting choices:
(Our favorites are in red)...

  • Anglin Pier Reef (58') A great Natural Reef, comparable to Keys
  • Ancient Mariner Wreck (71') Nice wreck, not too deep for newer divers, as well as a good second dive on Nitrox
  • Berry Patch (63')
  • Capt. Dan (112') Possibly my favorite wreck, there is always something new on this one including Bull Sharks in the Winter months...
  • Copenhagen Preserve (15-30') A good snorkling site, lobsters are often abundant but difficult to retrieve here as the limestone ledges allow them plenty of space to hide.
  • Crab Cove (55-70')
  • Grouper Bend (40-60')
  • Sea Ranch (40-60')
  • Hillsboro Ledge (45')
  • Jay Scutti (65') A good shallower wreck
  • Lady Luck (130')
  • Lighthouse Ledge
  • Mariner Outboard Barge (125')
  • Mark's Ledge (60')
  • Moray Bend (60')
  • Nolan's Ledge (15')
  • Noula Express Wreck (83')
  • Okinawa (70')
  • Pompano 3rd Reef (65')
  • Qualmann Tugs (79') A good driftable wreck as there are several in the area that can be covered on one drift dive...
  • Rebel Wreck (102') A nice deeper wreck, plenty to see here...
  • Robert Edmister (65')
  • Rodeo 25 (127') A spectacular deep wreck made even better by her collapsed tower...
  • Sea Emperor (72') A Marine Sanctuary, Jewfish and Morays are always in residence here...
  • Separated Rocks (43') Four little coral heads off of Boca Raton...'nuff said!
  • Steve's Ledge (45')
  • The Horseshoe (45')
  • The Sinkhole (93')
  • The Trench (95')
  • Union Express (110')