South Florida Spearfishing

Spearfishing in South Florida is good all year round!
The warm waters of the Gulf Stream flow closest to Broward and Palm Beach Counties, bringing squid, baitfish, and predators up from South American waters.
In essence, the Gulf Stream is like a river flowing through an ocean, re-populating reefs and wrecks with a variety of legal gamefish.
Probably the most popular fish among local divers is the Hogfish, sometimes called the Hog Snapper. The Hogfish is actually a member of the wrasse family, not a snapper at all. Man, this fish is good! Pure white flesh, mild tasting, and easy to recognize underwater, the Hogfish is a great catch.
Also popular, although more difficult to catch, is the Red & Black Grouper. This highly prized fish is known by different names around the world...

Latin: Mycteroperca spp French: Meirou
German: Zackenbarsch Spanish: Garupa (Mexico), Mero (elsewhere)
Russian: Bonasi agagi Japanese: Hata

Lionfish are an invasive species. Pterois is a venomous marine fish, commonly know as a lionfish. Also know as a zebrafish, firefish, turkeyfish or butterfly-cod... or just a dang TASTY-FISH!
It's spikes are venomous, but the meat light white flaky fish similar to hogfish!  We suggest to have a lionfish container or good shears to despine underwater. The venom is contained in all the spines except the tail. Please take all safety precautions when handling lionfish. People react very differently when stung, some have slight reaction others have severe painful reactions. No fishing license is required to shoot lionfish.

Dipped in batter or just dredged in flour and fried golden brown it's known as Captain Conrad's favorite dinner! Lion fish make KILLER tacos & excellent ceviche!

While you can't expect to catch one every time, we guarantee you will remember the day when you catch your first!